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Visual Studio for Mac - Xamarin update to Android O API 26

After the release of Android O, it is not just the hardware manufacturers who are gearing up for a release. There is a list of cross-platform application development platforms which is busy to rollout the upgraded version. Xamarin is no new name in this list.
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Count and Label DNA strands

This is a proof of concept (POC) developed using Python3, NumPy, and OpenCV, to count and label the number of DNA strands from an image of combed DNA molecules.
The technique of Adaptive Mean Thresholding is used here.
There are several Thresholding algorithms available.

Assembla hit by a virus?

Today hosted task management site Assembla was hit by some virus. Around 3 hours back we got Service Unavailable - DNS failure error when trying to access the portal.
Trying to call any API from Assembla returns with the following unwanted HTML code prepended to the response:
<html><head><meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0; URL="></head><body><a href="">Please click here</a></body></html>
We have logged a ticket with them. The response was quick but when we tried to post a reply comment we consistently got error - Your CAPTCHA words didn't match We'll keep on chasing them for updates and hope safety for Assembla users.

- Vivek

Windows 8 - Network Configuration

Microsoft might have given a huge face-lift to its Windows Operating System but the truth is that somewhere somehow it is the same old core with new visual user interface. Many of us who have been running Windows 8 Pro for sometime may tell this easily.

Preparing to copy...calculating...

You have few friends visiting you for dinner. After the dinner, they insist you to show some of the old college days' pics that you had clicked. You agree! After refreshing memories they all ask you to share the images with them.

Build Windows 8

Most of us are aware that Microsoft is promoting Windows 8 heavily. Windows 8 adoption is very important for the Redmond based company. Microsoft knows that developers play a very important role in this process. iOS developers have already proved this fact by writing Apple's success story.

Windows Surface tablet - First Ads

Just few days before its launch, first Windows Surface ads are on air to woo the audience. See for yourself -
Before the Surface moves buyers to buy it, its TV commercial might move a few on its rhythm.
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- Vivek