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Build Windows 8

Most of us are aware that Microsoft is promoting Windows 8 heavily. Windows 8 adoption is very important for the Redmond based company. Microsoft knows that developers play a very important role in this process. iOS developers have already proved this fact by writing Apple's success story.

Windows Surface tablet - First Ads

Just few days before its launch, first Windows Surface ads are on air to woo the audience. See for yourself -
Before the Surface moves buyers to buy it, its TV commercial might move a few on its rhythm.
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- Vivek

Windows 8 activation

Windows 8 is the new revolutionary operating system from Microsoft. I have been using it since the evaluation version. I found it pretty cool and user friendly. Some people might find it confusing at first, but when you get a hang of its new interface it is a breeze to work on.

Map Blogger on naked domain

Finally, the wait is over for Blogger (aka. Blogspot) fans. We can now map a naked domain - the one without www, simply - on Blogger. And it is really very simple. Let me tell you how.

Our daily event log

Usage of technical devices and gadgets is very common these days. With the proliferation of devices which can access internet and spread of 3G, more and more people can now stay connected. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other such social networking sites, and emails are the major reasons for people to stay online most of the time.

What you see is what you get

A friend of mine asked me to fix some UI issues for her web application. All she wanted to do was to show a loading icon on a component of her SilverLight application. She was trying to implement this using some SilverLight functionality, but was unable to do so. I suggested her to use any GIF files which show "Loading..." and a rotating circular pattern. She liked the idea but with some uncertainty, she agreed to give it a shot. The idea worked.

Generic class to map JSON data to MVC Models

Many a times we have to use data we get from web services in our application. When we use generic classes to convert data like a dataset to JSON we sometimes get data wrapped into another JSON key value. Say for e.g. your data looks like –


How to get control over files and folders in Windows

There are times when you need to take control over files and folders. Mostly it is required to be able to delete or move them.

Of Imitation, Innovation, Inspiration and Improvisation

Copy-paste was never easier, thanks to modern technology. Ideas and innovations now spread even faster. When a product is launched in the market, within a few days, we have other vendors with a similar offering. The case is more severe with mobiles and tablets.