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Generic class to map JSON data to MVC Models

Many a times we have to use data we get from web services in our application. When we use generic classes to convert data like a dataset to JSON we sometimes get data wrapped into another JSON key value. Say for e.g. your data looks like –


If this value is returned as table, then the dataset is converted to JSON as –


When it is a dataset which is converted to JSON, most of the times it is a collection which could be mapped to a model. The resultant JSON could look like –
{“table”:[{“key”:”value1”,  “username”:”myname”}, {“key”:”value2”,  “username”:”yourname”}]}
This needs to be mapped to a model class user –
    public class User
        public string key;
        public string username;
If we try to deserialize this JSON object we need to map it to an object of class UserCollection which looks like –
    public class UserCollection
        public List<User> table;
This is required for the JSON data to be properly mapped to a C# object. But “table” is kind of an inappropriate name for a data member. We can name it to; umm say, UserList. But the process to deserialize the JSON data requires exact name for the key and the data member. But we cannot name data members as per their JSON counterparts. The solution is to use [JsonProperty]. We can provide the name of the JSON key as [JsonProperty(“table”)]. See e.g. –
    public class UserCollection
        public List<User> UserList;
This would ensure that the model is mapped to the appropriate JSON structure.
Now let’s move on to our original problem. We cannot be creating collection classes for each model class. So, we would create a generic class which we would use for each such situation –
    class T { };
    public class JsonCollection<T>
        public List<T> ItemList;
And we would create another class to deserialize the data for us. For reasons of brevity, we would create a class function i.e. a static member function.
using System.Collections.Generic;
using Newtonsoft.Json;

    public class JsonList<T>
        public static List<T> GetItems(string jsonString)
            JsonCollection<T> items = JsonConvert.DeserializeObject<JsonCollection<T>>(jsonString);
            return items.ItemList;
We can also create an instance function but it is not required as such as this is a stateless operation. This would be called as –
List<User> userList = JsonList<User>.GetItems(jsonString);
To user any other model, just replace the type and the data.
One issue that one would encounter is that what if the data is not wrapped around “table”. I had thought of using a dynamic property name, have not tried it. I thought it would not work. Moreover, in the call to deserialize it we do not instantiate any object ourselves. We just pass the data and the required type.
If anyone finds a solution to this, just let me know!

- Vivek


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