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Bangalore IT Biz 2012 - Day 1 - Banners lost

Bangalore is witnessing yet another year of BangaloreITBiz. The event is celebrating its 15th anniversary. The beginning of the event was not as pompous for us as it was for others. Finding my way in the heavy Bangalore traffic, I somehow managed to reach KTPO, where the event is hosted.

Imran, my colleague, had already been there in the afternoon. The organizers had told him to check again in the evening as the stalls were not ready at that time. When Imran returned in the evening, I was with him. We wanted to setup the exhibition stall as soon as possible, to save ourselves of the last minute hassles when the event begins on 17th.

When we reached there, we could not locate our stall. Most of the stalls, but ours, had exhibitors' name already mentioned. After waiting for more than an hour and making around 10-15 calls, we managed to locate the organizers. It took them another 10 minutes to help us locate the stall. After taking possession of the stall, we acted quick to put up the banners.

Well, one of them was not a banner. It was so small that I could not understand what to call it. As the same material is used in banners, and to avoid any confusion, I decided to call it a banner. So the stall was setup, all neat and clean. We clicked few photographs and decided to return to the hotel and get a good night sleep.

We had a lot of high hopes about the event. So we almost rushed - not like the Rush Hour series - quick enough to reach KTPO well in time. We were happy and enthusiastic about the event. But the housekeeping people had planned for something else.

Between 3am and 6am, the banners became tired of hanging. They wanted some rest. The tapes holding the banners also could no longer hold their weight. Gravity help them to ensure that the banners get some place to rest. They fell on the ground. Perhaps they wanted to have a power nap before we come and wake them up and hang them again on the stall partition panels.

The housekeeping guys thought to give them complete rest. They thought that the banners deserve an even better place. They took them from there to the dumping yard. God knows what happened to them! When we reached there, we questioned the organizers, followed-up with  the housekeeping people, searched the dumping yard, but all in vain. We had lost them!

We heard a lot from the organizers - from, the banners were not fixed up well, to, we are sorry, this was not intentional. Please get another printed. We had no choice. We managed to catch hold of a printer, send the design to it and asked him to deliver it to us. Phew! We'll have the banner in a few hours, we thought. But it was not over yet...!

The banners were sent via an auto to quickly travel a distance of around 15kms and reach us. The printers were really very co-operative but our fate was not. Throughout the day, we could see a question in the eyes of many visitors - why is this stall not setup as the other stalls? As the day passed, we were missing the banner even more.

On the way, the auto had a flat tyre. We tried to call the auto driver and locate him. Either he would not pick up the call or he would speak in Kannada, which I could not understand. He could not understand Hindi and English. Still we managed to communicate - either in broken sentences or through the printer. After numerous calls and accurate tracking - which not even a GPS could do, it took a mammoth effort of just less than 6hrs for the banners to reach us. It could only happen in Bangalore.

Happily, we had a good night sleep, wishing to see our banner setup properly in our stall and attracting more visitors. That's another story.

- Vivek


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