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Bangalore IT Biz 2012 - Day 2 - Networking

Yay! The 2nd day, we have the banner firmly stuck up on the stall panels. Now its time to attract more visitors and do some more networking. We met a lot of people from a lot of companies, especially start-ups providing specialized services.

We hunted for customers, partners and service providers. While looking for service providers our focus was to select a company whose services could be consumed easily. We found more service providers than customers. We are looking for partners from healthcare and data processing domains.

This event, though, enabled us to create more visibility about our services. There were a lot of people who reacted as Ah! You're based out of Udaipur! Some even argued about us being located in a tier-III city and missing on a lot of exposure and opportunities.

Perhaps we are! But with the kind of our customers and reach we have, we also have some other exposure and opportunities which others do not have. Judging someone from where he or she comes from is not the right way to assess someone.

Well, overall the day ended peacefully. Now we were looking for some other opportunities on the last day of the event!

- Vivek


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