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Map Blogger on naked domain

Finally, the wait is over for Blogger (aka. Blogspot) fans. We can now map a naked domain - the one without www, simply - on Blogger. And it is really very simple. Let me tell you how.

I have a couple of blogs which are running on type of mapping. This is the one in which we create a CNAME record pointing to and rest works for us. The drawback was that whenever we have visitor on, it would result into an error. There was not way to set a redirect to the blog.

Setting up a redirect with the domain registrar was an option but not everybody could do it. Some people find it difficult to configure it. It was considered a downside of Blogger. I was an item on every bloggers' wish list. I always ensured that I share and NOT Not anymore!!

Now there are simple steps to get this thing done.

On your domain registrar site, under DNS settings:
1. Create a CNAME record, make it point to
2. Create 4 A Records (the one with IP address) and point each to -,,,, respectively - This required for naked domain redirect to work properly. Check what Google help says about it.
On Blogger, just select a check box in the basic settings tab, as shown in this image:
The Orange rectangles just show the domain or sub domain name of the blog. At the top it just shows the name of the blog.

I faced issues with selecting this check box on FireFox (FF). It worked like a charm on Internet Explorer (IE). Give it a try, it really works.

- Vivek


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