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Windows 8 activation

Windows 8 is the new revolutionary operating system from Microsoft. I have been using it since the evaluation version. I found it pretty cool and user friendly. Some people might find it confusing at first, but when you get a hang of its new interface it is a breeze to work on.

Activating Windows 8 could be difficult. When trying to activate it in an enterprise where there is no license server (KMS Server), we get an error DNS name does not exist.

If, during installation one has not entered any product key, Windows gets registered with the default key. Unlike Windows 7, Windows 8 does not provide a direct interface to change the product key, so that you could use your genuine Windows 8 product key for activation.

The solution is to:
  1. Open an elevated command prompt (administrator mode)
  2. Run slmgr -upk - this would uninstall the existing product key. Now you can use your key.
After this step you may follow one of the following steps, as an administrator:
  1. Use the new Metro control panel (Win + C > Change PC Settings > Activate Windows)
  2. Run slui 3 or slui 4 for activation
  3. Run slmgr -ipk
Use the appropriate key, the one appropriate for your edition of Windows 8 and voila! Windows 8 is activated. Use genuine product and genuine product keys obtained from Microsoft.

- Vivek


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