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Build Windows 8

Most of us are aware that Microsoft is promoting Windows 8 heavily. Windows 8 adoption is very important for the Redmond based company. Microsoft knows that developers play a very important role in this process. iOS developers have already proved this fact by writing Apple's success story.

Microsoft might not be able to overthrow Apple, but it would surely try to grab a substantial share of the pie. In the same direction, the company has organized the //build/ event. It is a 4 day event (October 30, 2012 - November 2, 2012) organized at the company's Redmond campus. The entire event is broadcast live on Channel9. Microsoft has built one of the largest tent of North America for especially for this event.

The event covers - HTML5 and other web standards, Windows 8 app model, .Net 4.5 Framework, Windows 8 Phone, Surface, Windows Store, Windows 8 Games, SharePoint 2013, Office apps, C++, TypeScript, and...lots of other activities.

It is a must attend for any serious Windows developer. Even if someone is unable to attend the event, the event videos are available on Channel9. More details are available on @BuildWindows8 and @bldwin.

Happy development!

- Vivek


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- Vivek

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